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 Commissions are open
multiple slots-25 us dollars!
I am open for any and all ideas!
serious inquiries get back to me here! 
Savannah by wisahkecahk
A golden dragoness OC of mine that i created back in 1995.
Originally a traditional piece done with pens,pencil crayons on cheap paper over a pencil sketch,now revised and revamped and updated!
11 hours in photoshop elements.

Biographical data-
Age-7077 years old.
Name-Savannah      hair-golden and scale like.   eyes-Green,crystal like and can glow.  hieght-variable.  wieght-variable.
Other distinguishing features-Golden dragon elder.
Tail with armor crushing spikes is prehensile and she can use it as an extra limb in battles!
Wings are not only elastic,light wieght and deflect magics,but can cast an aura of protection over a large area against large scale attacks!
Horns and spikes on body can be shot out as impaling spears and claws can elongate to make slashing attacks easier!

Costume specifications-does not wear any clothes or armor-she is far too powerfull to need any!
Paraphanilia-magical items(various)that augment her awesome natural magical abilities further.

Strength-superhuman to demi-god(only during encantation spells)
Speed-enhanced human to superhuman.
Flight speed-superhuman winged flight,can hover and teleport as well.
Water speed-superhuman.
Durability-superhuman to demi-god(only during encantation spells)
Other powers-Various,those typical of her race of elder dragon/specialized anthro dragoness.
Magical powers include-elementals such as lightning,water,mist(poisonous/numbing)fire,lazer sights,magical gaze,hypnotism etc.
Savannah can combine spells deftly and at her whim to combine magics by way of ancient glyph magics known to only the highest up of her particular race.
Skin is golden scaled,magically enhanced and pansered (on the inside under her scales which is very painfull but has its benefits!)

Background information-Ancient golden dragon that acts as a gatekeeper of sorts.Guides travellers between different demensions and the places between worlds and how simple races such as humans understand the universe.
Good in nature.generous and very intelligent as she has amassed a wealth of knowledge through the ages.
Has been on earth for many years as earth is a point of interest to many evil biengs whom she must dispatch!
Protective and will do anything to help her friends.

Savannah is 2015 WISAHKECAHK.
All original artwork by me WISAHKECAHK.

Silverfang Giftart Monochromatic
Surprise giftart for Silverfang.
Just like the title implies-i thought it would be fun to post this monochromatic version of Silverfangs Naroka character.
Like the Ruff commission i did a while back-i played around with the values and contrats,level of fine details and ended up with this!
A more serious angle for the character.
It is amazing what black and white can do to add drama to a piece!!!
For instance;her skin tones really come into thier own and the smoke billowing up and out into the sky i think look better.
A more cold,winterish camo feeling for her pilot regalia perhaps!?
What do you think good people!?
Let me know!I value ALL opinions!!!!

Naroka is 2015 Silverfang.
All original artwork by me WISAHKECAHK 2015.
Silverfang Giftart
This is a gift art for Silverfang over on of his OC (Naroka i believe her name is!)which would be inspired i believe of the famous Starfox video games on Nintendoooooooo!!!!!!!
A greyish werewolf of sorts with a fine hand in piloting,i made her smoking(heh heh!)hot and kind of just lithily walking and seducing you with her moves as she comes ever closer....possibly for the kill!!!!!
14.5 hours of work in total.I was working piecemeal on this one-kind of like a traditional piece as i focused on one area at a time,then moved on to the next...
Armor is a conglomeration/twist on Silverfangs original specifications....with a whooole bunch of glare and extras packed in there!!!!!
One can even see one of her ships she has at her disposal zooming by in the far background-i would believe she can summon her ships by way of smart com communications!
Gave her a halo-cause every good pilot thats been in more than a few times needs an angel on thier side!!!

I am actually really stoked as to how well the manga/anime styled eyes came out looking on her-my best yet!!!
Wolfess starship pilots are SMOKING HOT!!!!
She was a fast and furious fun project to work on!!!!!!

Hope you like the final look Silverfang!
Nuff said-Hope you enjoy!

Silverfang is 2015 Silverfang.
All original artwork by me,WISAHKECAHK 2015.
Liquid Sunset Featuring Haru
Art trade with WorthADamn of her avater HARU!

Haru-Japanese unisex name pronounced HAH-ROO-meaning-sun,sunlight,spring,clear up.

Everyone can relate to a hot,lazy summer day when all you want to do is lay on the beach and soak up the sunshine!
Seeing WorthADamns avatar Haru i just had this image in my mind,and taking into account the namesake Haru-this title seemed appropriate!
..and the fact that having a hot, sexy wolfess oiling herself up half naked is AWESOME!!!!!
..And that tail!!!

Kept the triangle earring idea-just switched it up to a pierced nipple thing instead to make her a bit more edgy!
I was given free riegn for choice of colors so i went with theseones!
Also kept the wolf paws design idea for her bikini-because thats awesome!

Reflective spots with more detailing on her skin in there,.. making it all more smooooooth!Added some warmer sun -going-down colorssssss!!!!I wanted to convey the feeling of oiled up skin/fur in this piece and i think i pulled that off to some extent.
And of course,tons of line work-you know me!lol
Also deep shades in the purples....because those shades add a calm tone to the warmness of the piece!!

Why the pointalisim effect for shading!?Because it makes the image more artsy and interesting thats why!!!Hee hee heeee!
Fun in the sun with the ever cool wolf babe!
This was sooo much fun to work on--and just in time for the summer!!!!!
45 hours all done in photoshop elements.
Hope you like it WorthADamn!!!

HARU is 2015 WorthADamn.
all original artwork by me WISAHKECAHK.


Wisahkecahk } werewolf in cree
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Hi there!I hail from Winnipeg,manitoba Canada,i currently reside in Sweden,in the loving arms of my love and muse Paintmeallover!!!!!!!!!

I am of Metis decent(first nations Ojibwe cree and french/polish mixed blood)my primary interest is drawing,inking to be precise,allthough i do love to add color to things.I have a bamboo fun wacom art pad and photoshop elements 11 and have been busy updating my portfolio of works here!
WISAHKECAHK my deviant name means werewolf in Cree!i would like to take this time and thoroughly thank every one who has viewed my art,left feedback and likes what they see!!!peace!!!i have lived in many places around Canada,including primarily,Selkirk and Winnipeg,Manitoba as well as Calgary,Alberta.i have also lived in Sweden.

Current Residence: in orbit over the earth
deviantWEAR sizing preference: medium
Print preference: fine
Favourite genre of music: heavy metel/rock/anything really,depends on what mood im in.
Favourite photographer: deviantart photographers!!
Favourite style of art: comic book/fine arts,fantasy,many more.
Operating System: windows,laptop.
MP3 player of choice: samsung mobile
Shell of choice: Cybertronian metal alloys!
Wallpaper of choice: ZeeZee wall paper!!
Skin of choice: my own thank you!
Favourite cartoon character: Tweety Bird
Personal Quote: hooowlll!!!wee-nuk!
1)STATUS-open-multiple slots!
3)WILL/WONT DRAW-I am open for suggestions!!!!ANYTHING!!!!
4)ACCEPTABLE PAYMENT-paypal only-25 US dollars!!!
5)Payment by Paypal via link below.…

Blade by wisahkecahkLeodoxus Art Trade by wisahkecahkRuff Monochrome by wisahkecahk

What type of artwork do you want to see more from me!? 

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